What Is Ki?
In our training we discuss and study "ki" heavily. In fact we call our training "Ki and aikido" since we spend part of our class time just focusing on our ability to coordinate mind and body thus understanding and harnessing our natural power. The word "aikido", has the work ki right in it (as do many Japanese words)!

One simple way to define "ki" is to call it living energy.

Although we do touch on some of the philosophical discussions of ki our primary efforts have to do with utilizing ki for our positive purposes and in our practice of aikido. Our training involves using various tests on the body to understand, refine, and extend our ability to use ki in every situation as well as when in motion.

Ki is not a super-natural power but rather the normal, natural energy that people have. Our training is geared to develop a more fine-tuned sense for your own level of energy as well as the ability to concentrate and focus that energy more effectively. When your mind is focused and your body is relaxed and full of energy it is amazing what you can do!

More about our training philosophy

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