What is Aikido
Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on the principle of non-dissension. This relatively modern martial art has at it's core a focus of protecting both one's self and one's opponent. Not based on hurting or defeating others, aikido aims to redirect attacks or conflicts so that positive resolutions can be attained.

Ki - aikido training recognizes that the first conflict is the one that occurs in the mind. Therefore our training must help develop the student's ability to focus and control their own mind which then gives them the possibility of also leading their own body and then ultimately blending with an attacker.

Aikido does not employ kicks, punches and blocks. We do not focus on hardening or strengthening the body in class. The size and strength of an opponent are irrelevant and thus, in our training, men and women, adults and children, young and old can all train together safely and enjoyably.

There are thousands of aikido techniques that one can learn and refine over a lifetime. The greater application is in the development of mind and body coordination with the martial art being a vehicle for that development. Many of our practitioners have applied the principles and skills they have learned in aikido training to endeavors such as sports, business, relationships and all types of challenging pursuits.

Five Principles of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido
1. Extend Ki
2. Know your opponent's mind
3. Respect your opponent's Ki
4. Put yourself in the place of your opponent
5. Perform with confidence

More about our training philosophy

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