Oak Hills Rec Center Training Fees
The Oregon Ki Society, in collaboration with the Oak Hills Homeowners Association, has created this pilot ki and aikido program at the Oak Hills Rec Center on Wednesdays beginning April 18th and continuing 10 weeks to June 20th.

As part of the agreement class fees will be used to cover the cost of the rental of the space and Oak Hills residents will also be provided a special discount for the session.

The "Littles" class for pre-school-age kids ages 4 and up is a 30 minute class starting at 12:45 and ending at 1:15pm.
• session fee: $120, OH residents: $100 *

Kids class for kids from kindie up to 5th grade is a 60 minute class starting at 1:35 and ending at 2:35pm.
• session fee: $150, OH residents: $120 *

Advanced Kids class for ages 11 and up or orange belt and above is a 60 minute class starting at 2:45 and ending at 3:45pm.
• session fee: $150, OH residents: $120 *

Please note: advanced kids are encouraged to train in both classes.

* Training fees provide availability for students to train at both the Oak Hills location on Wednesdays and at the SW dojo in Tigard on Saturday mornings.
* Training fees include a Gi and training/belt costs.

Click here for more information about the training schedule and location for the SW dojo

The Oregon Ki Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all of our instructors are volunteers.
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