How To Get Started
It is easy to get started. Just print and fill out the enrollment form below and then bring it to Mark Hutchinson sensei before one of the regularly scheduled classes.

Click here to download the enrollment form

If you prefer you can scan and email the form to

What Does an Aikido Class Look Like?
The easiest way to get a feel for what an aikido class is like, is to come watch a class in person. If your student lives near Elmonica Elementary, then just let Mark sensei know you'd like to come watch a class. He is happy to answer any questions you may have as well. Check the home page for the current class schedule or email Mark sensei if you would like to ask a question prior to class.

When Does the Next Round of Classes Start?
Actually, since Aikido is a life-long training and each person progresses at their own pace, we encourage all new students to start as soon as they are able. We integrate new students immediately into our regular class and provide introductory concepts and routines into those classes to help them get going right away. If you do have any concerns about when to start or about adjusting for scheduling conflicts, please email Mark sensei and he will help you figure out a good approach for joining the class.

Our Training Philosophy
The Ki - Aikido training we practice is much more than just learning the techniques of the martial art itself. click here to learn more about our training philosophy

What If I Have Other Questions?
If you have a general question about the class or our training you might find the relevant answer on the . If you have a specific question, please email Mark sensei directly and he will provide a reply as soon as he can.
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