Ki & Aikido Classes in Beaverton
We plan to have Ki & Aikido satellite programs conveniently located at various schools and neighborhood locations within Beaverton. The satellite programs are affiliated with the main regional dojo in Tigard. Students are encouraged to train at SW dojo in addition to their local program.

Our Programs

Elmonica Elementary Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30
The Elmonica Elementary program schedule is still in planning for the 2017-2018 school year. The school district has made a number of changes to their rules for after-school programs and we are working to setup a new plan that fits with the new requirements. No classes are currently scheduled.

Adult Classes (possible future program)
We would like to start a teens and adults ki and aikido class in Beaverton. We are looking for a good facility for such a class. We would be looking for either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday evening class schedule. If you have an interest in participating in such a program or have suggestions about where we might hold such a class please let us know so we can include your input in our discussions.

Other Locations
If you would like to start a discussion about a ki and/or aikido class in your school or neighborhood facility we would love to talk with you about such opportunities. We have a number of experienced instructors in the Beaverton area. Please contact Mark Hutchinson at
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