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• Elmonica Elementary - TBD for 2017-18
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The Oregon Ki Society now has satellite ki and aikido programs starting in Beaverton. For more information please contact Mark Hutchinson info@beavertonki.org
WEATHER ALERT: The school district has canceled school and after-school events. So aikido class is canceled for today (1/11/17). Stay safe and have fun out there!

To enroll your child please fill out the application form:

Email the completed form to Mark Hutchinson at info@beavertonki.org or fax to 503.525.9501 or bring it to the Elmonica gym prior to a regularly scheduled class.

To learn more about the Oregon Ki Society please visit: www.oregonki.org

The Oregon Ki Society and Northwest Ki Federation are affiliated with the Ki Society International
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kids programs
kids programs
So what is this all about?
Our training is incremental. Like drops of water added to a cup of tea, the small things we do repeatedly change the fabric of our lives. In class, we learn the correct use of mind and body. With this knowledge, we monitor and correct our actions in everyday life. As our habits evolve, so does our life.
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